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OUR Mission:

“Educating client’s physical, bio-chemical, psychological and spiritual well-being to encourage them to evolve their self-perception.”

OUR Vision:

“Create personal journeys and experiences that are life changing.” Revitalise and detox and learn to breathe and live a joyous and blessed life.

LOCATION: Visit the Shoalhaven District past Berry and Nowra and see the quaint old town of Milton or Ulladulla before visiting Mimi Love @ Blue Earth

‘Blue Earth’ Retreat

Blue Earth Retreat

Rejuvenate, Revitalise your Senses, and just Breathe!

Heal your Mind, Body and Soul!

Love is the Key!!!

Mimi Love Enterprises Logo is a mandala created from one of her canvases tweaked to form her Logo. A tree of life in the centre, with roots, planted into the Earth, a heart centre – showing empathy, love and the cosmic connection to the microcosm and life force from within, to the macrocosm of the Sun and the Moon’s energy with the growth of the branches and stems, with two tree trunks on the outside representing yin/yang – female/male, moon/sun energy. The Logo is available to buy a printed version with a life force of creative words on the back. “Blue Earth Retreat is a wonderful healing space in an Eco-friendly off the grid environment. Mimi’s hidden treasure tucked away in Morton with a view of Pigeon House Mountain. Feel at home with the mother nature just relax and create, in a natural environment. I LOVE to PAINT and CREATE. This Mandala design is another version of my canvas for my logo. This is my gift to you the Energetic Healing Forest, nature, fresh air, fairies, toadstools, animals, the elements and the Sun and Moon – Yang and Yin. The combination of Male and Female energy of consciousness to connect to your Heart-space and your Soul. One day you might visit and stay to heal your Mind, Body & Soul. Root yourself into the Earth and believe MAGIC is possible. The ‘Witchdoctor’ has spoken – Mimi Love.”